A brand identity project that turns your veganity upside down.

2021 Elisava Special Edition Award Shortlisted.

Visual Identity
Website Design

Mohammed Ismail
2020 - 2021
(10 months)

OverviewVegan companies always introduce veganism in a narrow way that makes us feel guilty about what we eat. People have many prejudices about vegans. That's why undo is positioned as a vegan gastronomic community that wants to break people's prejudice about veganism. 

ProblemResearchers at the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual's carbon footprint from food by up to 73%.

If all people worldwide were to stop eating meat products, the area of land used for global agriculture could be reduced by around 75%. This would correspond to the combined size of the USA, China, Australia and the EU; such a reduction would lead to a significant decline in greenhouse gas emissions. The remaining agricultural land would be sufficient to feed the world’s population, according to scientists. The loss of natural habitat due to agriculture is the main cause of the current mass extinction of wildlife.

People have their prejudice of vegans

Veganism is often seen as expensive with a limited menu, leading to stereotypes of preachy vegans. Companies sometimes reinforce guilt in their messaging, contributing to a negative view.


It's essential to shift this narrative, promoting inclusivity and positivity to encourage exploration without judgment.

The solution: Creating a community, introducing vegan lifestyle in a different approach.

We name it "undo" is because people will unlearn what they already knew about vegan. The logo shows letter "n" from undo as an upside down "u" which was inspired by brand claim "turning your veganity upside down”.

"Vegan is always green" is one of the main stereotypes that undo aims to challenge, which is why we have chosen a colorful palette. We are anything but monochromatic.

Align with the brand value of "community" to reflect a tone of voice that is not only welcoming and inviting but also infused with wit.

Table of contents
We titled the brand's zine "Table of Contents" and designed it as a "Z" folded poster. The unfolded format transforms into a long poster, mirroring Undo's extended dining table. This design aligns with the brand's values of experimentation, diversity, interactivity, and a do-it-yourself (DIY) attitude, reminiscent of a dynamic cooking workshop.

Challenge the conventional browsing experience
The website is designed to scroll from bottom to top, drawing inspiration from the brand slogan "Turning your veganism upside down."

Breaking the vegan limits

We challenge the idea of a limited vegan menu. On our Table of Contents blog page, we use a gradient to show that scrolling never ends, symbolizing the endless wealth of vegan knowledge.

More than food museum
Contrary to the common belief that veganism revolves solely around food, we believe it can encompass much more. Introducing the 'More Than Food online Museum,' dedicated to curating various forms of vegan art.

Environmental graphic
It's not just about signage—It takes users back in time within a space, telling a story. Our cooking workshop goes by the name "undish," representing the heart of our gastronomy section. Additionally, the vegan exhibition seamlessly partners with our editorial Table of Contents area, cleverly called "unshow."

Seamlessly Integrating User Experiences with Impactful Brand Identity Design.

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