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Honored with the 2020 Transform Awards Asia Silver in Best Creative Strategy, Shortlisted for Best Use of Packaging.


Brood Chen, Shift Feng. Daniel Duh, Ray Lan, Echo Yeh, Jolin Guan
2020 (6 months)

Enoulite, a Chinese baby food brand, underwent a comprehensive makeover with a new name, branding, and packaging design. The primary goal was to simplify the intricate details surrounding baby food information in the Chinese market. Enoulite serves as a guide for mothers with newborns, assisting them in selecting nutrition through five stages for their little ones. The brand successfully introduced a diverse range of over 100 products in China in January 2020.


People often say that a baby's growth reflects a mom's spiritual journey. For new moms figuring out the world of baby food, it's tough. Learning as they go isn't simple, and dealing with multiple roles adds even more stress. Inexperienced mothers find it tough to navigate the intricate baby food market and face difficulties in self-education. 

How can we make it easier for moms to
choose the right nutrition for their babies?

Previous Look

How babies grow

Monitoring a baby's monthly growth allows us to monitor their physical development. Studies indicate that infants reach motor milestones at various stages, like sitting at around 6 months, hands-and-knees crawling at 8.5 months, and walking at 12 months. 

5 developmental milestones
We find inspiration in the natural growth of infants, observing the behaviours and physical skills they develop. Our approach centres around "Key Milestones." We thoroughly analyze every aspect of a baby's development, taking into account physiological features, nutritional needs, and emotional growth. With a diverse product range, we cater to various needs at different stages, offering comprehensive support as babies navigate through each of the five developmental milestones.

Visual design: 5 characters
The inspiration drawn from early physical milestones forms the basis for the message on our packaging. Considering the soft characteristics of the Cocon font, we opted to represent each key milestone using numbers 12345.

The five characters not only show up on packaging but also take on various forms at different touch points.

Brand identity

The logo design is derived from Cocon typography and infused with shapes that evoke feelings of love and care.

Graphic device
Using the graphic from the logo, we link our brand concept and enhance the brand's visual appeal through its application..

Packaging design
Since the launch of the Enoulite in February 2020, the average monthly sales have grown by 108%, with a peak growth rate of 173% in certain months. The average order value has experienced a 20% increase.


“This Enoulite's brand upgrade will serve as a strong foundation for next decade and further drive the second evolution of China's baby food industry."

Founder of Enoulite

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