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Dec 2023 - Feb 2024

ICHAM is a multi-family office with strong asset management capabilities, providing financial services and independent advice to qualified global accredited private clients and institutions. Headquartered in Singapore, the business operations extend across Japan, Korea, and Thailand. I redesigned the ICHAM website to enhance the user experience.
See the live website: here

ProblemThe ICHAM website functions as a crucial marketing tool for their business, but the current user experience is unclear, making it difficult for users to understand the company's offerings. This lack of clarity hinders user engagement, and difficulty in engaging users on the website leads to low retention.
From voluntary participation to professional partnership: Website launch It started as a voluntary project. When I found out the client needed their website revamped, I jumped at the chance to pitch my ideas. The design proposal went really well, and the client is satisfied with the result; hence, we decided to proceed. Following the client's request to launch the website, I hired a developer to collaborate with me in bringing the website to life.  

Previous look

Competitive audit: Understanding the marketIn order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of both direct and indirect competitors in the asset management services sector, I analyzed five websites dedicated to this industry. The goal was to gain insight into the current offerings, identify areas for enhancement, and uncover any gaps or unmet needs within the sector.

User interview:
Understanding user’s perspective

In order to comprehend users' experiences within ICHAM, we concentrate on their interactions and feedback with the current website. Here's what they said:

Approximately 80% of users
expressed concerns about the brand’s
professionalism or reliability.

User empathy: PersonaAfter gaining an understanding of the users, we created personas—representations of our ideal customers developed through research data and user archetypes. We ensure that the features and experience are more effectively aligned with the needs and expectations of these personas.

For better alignment of features and experience with the needs and expectations of our personas and business objectives, we raise the following question:

How can we enhance the brand's presentation to convey its value proposition better?

Organizing Ideas through Affinity Mapping

After analyzing the research data, I categorized the insights into four spectrums to aid in generating ideas.

Wireframes: Ideating and early stages of design

Refining user experience
After the early stage of user testing and a client meeting on the wireframes, feedback highlighted two crucial aspects: streamlining content and establishing a storytelling theme. The focus is on achieving simplicity with minimal wording, prioritising infographics for a strong thematic presence, and creating an inviting art gallery atmosphere to stimulate user exploration.

Creative direction
Based on research data, stakeholder interviews, and industry research, I formulated the brand values, portraying ICHAM as reliable, modern, minimalistic, bespoke, and unique. This set of brand values then served as the foundation for creating a moodboard.

Visual design
Building upon the established brand values and drawing inspiration from the moodboard, I guided the visual direction to immerse the audience in the realm of timeless wealth.

Distinctive and personalised

Collaborated with an illustrator to craft the unique personality of the brand, emphasizing a bespoke experience that delivers personalized and customised services.

Transforming contact page interaction
In the past, our contact page only displayed company information. To optimize business efforts and improve user satisfaction, we now actively engage users through contact forms, offering multiple options for reaching out to the company. Additionally, we focus on the business aspect to streamline the screening process and customize services for each user.

Usability testing
With the new design, our objective is to assess website usability by gauging users' ability to complete tasks and measuring task completion rates. Additionally, we seek to collect feedback on overall user satisfaction and examine how the redesign affects users' perception of the brand.

    5-second test

    To gauge users' first responses to a screen or a design. We show the users the landing page clip for just a few seconds before they have to get into the content and start looking for information. This is what we found out:

    Behavioural tasks
    Based on the behavioural tasks, the following insights were gathered:

    • 80% of test users found the product brochure download task to be easy.
    • There is a potential concern regarding users entering fake email addresses to access the brochure.
    • 40% of test users expressed a desire for a drop-down menu in the navigation to conveniently locate the product.
    • 40% of users would like to see case studies that highlight the stories or experiences of this company working with other clients.

    Users’ perception of new site
    We provided users with lists of words and asked them to select the top three keywords they associate with the website. Here are the result:

    Overall, the feedback for the new site is positive, and there are specific areas that we can further refinement:

    • Enhance the top navigation stick for improved usability across all pages.
    • For the brochure download, consider sending the download link via email to deter users from entering fake email addresses for access.

    Final design

    To be continued
    After the first launch of the website, I've outlined the next steps we could improve the website experience.

    • Monitor user feedback and behavior analysis post-website launch to gain the better understanding what’s leading.
    • Apply heat map to understand users’s impression
    • Enhance the user experience with animated illustrations.
    • Monitor the brochure download rate

    Key takeaway

    This project provided me with the opportunity to work as a project manager, allowing me to take ownership and collaborate with developers. It was a valuable experience, not only designing on paper but also bringing it to life. A crucial lesson I learned was to be adaptive during the process. I encountered challenges related to limited resources for participant recruitment due to privacy issues and scheduling conflicts. This led me to consider various options for conducting research, such as recruiting financial advisors familiar with high-profile clients to better align with our target user demographic.

    Despite facing challenges throughout the project, reaching the final stage feels less daunting than expected. Staying committed to the process and having faith in it has been crucial. The experiences gained have propelled me forward. I am grateful for the support from my developer and the belief my client has shown in me, allowing me to take full ownership of the project and bring the website to completion.

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